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Latinx Shakespeares:

Staging U.S. Intracultural Theater 

University of Michigan Press

(January 2023)

Latinx Shakespeares explores how Latinx culture is constructed dramaturgically and textually in recent Shakespearean adaptations and productions. I propose a methodology for analyzing Shakespeare as ethnic theatre that emphasizes aural signifiers such as music, accents, and the Spanish language. I argue that Latinx culture is constructed in opposition to an ongoing redefinition of whiteness, and in so doing, demonstrate that these productions are intracultural, indicative of a new bilingualism in American theatre.


This monograph is a substantial revision of my dissertation, for which I received the J. Leeds Barroll Dissertation Prize in 2016 from the Shakespeare Association of America.

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Co-edited with Trevor Boffone

Published by Edinburgh University Press

Shakespeare and Latinidad is a collection of scholarly and practitioner essays in the field of Latinx theatre that specifically focuses on translations and appropriations of Shakespeare’s plays. It is the first truly comprehensive treatment of this style of adaptation, bringing together the diverse voices working in this field today including leading academics, playwrights and theatre practitioners. This blend of practitioner essays and interviews reflects the transdisciplinary synthesis of scholarship, dramaturgy and pedagogy that shapes Latinx engagement with Shakespeare.

In paperback February 2023. 

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Writing: Publications


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

2020: “The Aleph and the Space of Shakespeare.” Postmedieval: A Journal of Medieval Cultural Studies

2018: “Shakespeare, Race, and ‘Other’ Englishes: The Q Brothers’s Othello: The Remix.Shakespeare Survey

           (an essay on hip hop Shakespeares)

2018: “A New Era of Global Shakespeare: The State of the Field, 2014–2015.” Shakespearean International                          Yearbook

2016: “From West Side Story to Hamlet, Prince of Cuba: Shakespeare and Latinidad in the United States.”                            Shakespeare Studies

2015: “Adapting La Dama Boba and The Taming of the Shrew for a Foreign Audience.” Bulletin of the Comediantes

2011: “Constructing Shylock: Post-Theatre Talks as Secondary Performance Spaces,” in Peer English—The Journal             of New Critical Thinking

2009: “Performing for God and ‘Maintain’ing In His Absence: Emily Dickinson’s ‘Life, and Death, and Giants—’ and               ‘Four Trees— upon a solitary Acre—.’” Pennsylvania Literary Journal: Experiments

Book Chapters (Refereed)

2022: "Octavio Solis." Fifty Key Figures in LatinX and Latin American Theater, eds. Paola S. Hernández and Analola

           Santana, Routledge.

2021: “Introduction to Miss Julia.” Encuentro de las Américas, eds. Trevor Boffone, Teresa Marrero, and Chantal                   Rodriguez, Methuen Drama.

2021: “Staging Shakespeare for Latinx Identity and Mexican Subjectivity: Marqués: A Narco-Macbeth.”                                Shakespeare and Latinidad, eds. Trevor Boffone and Carla Della Gatta, Edinburgh University Press.

2021: "Introduction: Shakespeare and Latinidad." co-authored with Trevor Boffone. Shakespeare and Latinidad, eds.             Trevor Boffone and Carla Della Gatta, Edinburgh University Press.

2021: “Afterword.” Shakespeare and ‘Accentism,’ ed. Adele Lee, Routledge.

2019: “Confronting Bias and Identifying Facts: Teaching Resistance through Shakespeare.”  Teaching Social Justice

           Through Shakespeare: Why Renaissance Literature Matters Now, eds. Hillary Eklund and Wendy Hyman,

            Edinburgh University Press.

2013: “Performing Spanish Culture Through Flamenco: Aurality and Embodiment in the Royal Shakespeare                           Company’s 2011 Cardenio.” The Creation and Re-creation of Cardenio: Performing Shakespeare,                               Transforming Cervantes, ed. Terri Bourus and Gary Taylor, Palgrave MacMillan.

2012: “Cultural Mobility and Transitioning Authority: The Cardenio Project.The Quest for Cardenio, ed. David                       Carnegie and Gary Taylor, Oxford University Press.

Conference Proceedings

 2014: “Shakespeare and American Bilingualism: Borderland Theatricality in Romeo y Julieta.Renaissance

            Shakespeare/Shakespeare Renaissances: Proceedings of the Ninth World Shakespeare Congress, ed.

            Martin Prochazka et al., University of Delaware Press.

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Online Journals and Blogs

“Justice and Revolution,” Program Notes for Measure for Measure, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, 2022.

"West Side Story: A New Take on Romeo and Juliet, 60 Years Later," Shakespeare & Beyond, 2022.

"Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet Turns 25," Shakespeare & Beyond, 2021.

"West Side Story: 60 Years as a Cultural Barometer," Shakespeare & Beyond, 2021. 

"Staging Bilingual Classical Theatre," HowlRound, 2020.

“Coming Full Circle: The 2017 LTC Convening,” co-authored with Marci McMahon, Café Onda, 2017.

“‘Pushing Buttons, Pushing Boundaries’: A Roundtable of Latinx Theatre Scholars,” ​HowlRound, 2016. 

"Pedagogy Notebook: The Role of Latina/o Adaptations in the Teaching of Classical Theatre," Café Onda, 2016.

"Teaching The Panza Monologues," Pedagogy of the Panza, 2015.

“Cafecito: Georgina Escobar,” ​HowlRound, 2015.

Writing: Text

Theatre and Book Reviews

Performance Reviews

"Lonesomes: Conrado and Paisley Blue: Ashland New Plays Festival." Teatro Magazine, 2021.

Macbeth: Berkeley Repertory Theatre 2016.” Shakespeare Bulletin, 2016.

The Upstairs Concierge: Teatro Vista, Chicago 2015.” Theatre Journal, 2015.

La Tempestad: Compañia del Chapitô, Almagro, Spain 2011.” Shakespeare, 2013.

Hamlet: Oregon Shakespeare Festival 2010.” Shakespeare Bulletin, 2012.

Book Reviews

Shakespeare's Accents: Voicing Identity in Performance, by Sonia Massai. 

     Shakespeare Bulletin, 2022.

From Scenarios to Networks:  Performing the Intercultural in Colonial Mexico, by Leo Cabranes-Grant.  

      New Theatre Quarterly, 2018.

 Latin Numbers: Playing Latino in Twentieth-Century U.S. Popular Performance, by Brian Eugenio Herrera.

      Theatre Research International, 2016.

Shakespeare, the Orient, and the Critic, by Abdulla al-Dabbagh. 

      Sixteenth Century Journal, 2011.

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