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Carla Della Gatta

Writer. Scholar. Educator. Arts Advocate.

Dr. Carla Della Gatta is a theatre historian and performance theorist, specializing in contemporary Shakespearean performance and bilingual and Latinx theatre. She is author of Latinx Shakespeares: Staging US Intracultural Theater. She built and maintains the only archive of Latinx theatrical adaptation, LatinxShakespeares.Org.

DSC_7320_pp-Edit (1).jpeg
Latinx Shakespeares:
Staging US Intracultral Theater
(University of Michigan Press, January 2023)

Latinx Shakespeares explores how Latinx cultures are constructed dramaturgically and textually in Shakespearean adaptations and productions.

Latinx Shakespeares is a performance lens for analyzing Shakespeare as ethnic theatre based on an amplification of aural signifiers such as music, accents, and the Spanish language. It is also a theatre history, detailing adaptation work in theaters and universities all over the United States, ultimately arguing that these productions are intracultural,  and part of the New American Theatre.
Latino Shakespeare

Read reviews of Latinx Shakespeares (the book) fully available online in Shakespeare Quarterly here and in Ethnic and Third World Literatures here.

Latino Shakespeare


LatinxShakespeares.Org is an archive that includes reviews and ephemera from over 200 Latinx-authored and/or Latinx-themed Shakespearean productions and adaptations and over 100 Latinx-authored and/or Latinx-themed adaptations of other western classics staged in the United States over the last seventy-five years. 


 All of Carla's writing is in dialogue with artists, advancing a conversation on theatre.

She writes for academic presses and journals, trade publications, and online magazines and blogs.

Program notes and scholarship for the theatre are located on the Theatre page.

Argentine theater

Photo credit: Latinx Theatre Commons

Theatre Work

Carla offers consulting and dramaturgy, especially related to performances of identity through language and accents.  ​
She works with artists and theaters on script development and staging possibilities for classical and early modern plays and adaptations, intercultural, ethnic, bilingual and semi-bilingual theatre. 

Located here are video and audio lectures, interviews, and program notes.

& Media

With links to video and audio lectures, podcasts, and panels, as well as a list of past and upcoming in-person speaking engagements.

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Dr. Carla Della Gatta is Associate Professor of Theatre at University of Maryland
She is author of Latinx Shakespeares: Staging US Intracultural Theater
nd co-editor of Shakespeare and Latinidad.

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