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Advisory Boards

Latinx Theatre Commons

2017 - present: Steering Committee

The Fornés Institute

2022 - present: Digital Humanities Editor

2018 - present: Member

Expand the Canon Initiative, Hedgepig Theatre Ensemble

2020-21: Board Member

Workshop offered:

The Casting Conversation

A workshop designed for theatre-makers about the nine different kinds of casting practices that are possibilities for staging. I define and illustrate each of these casting strategies, and we discuss the ethics, dramaturgy, and practicality of each.

Carla offers consulting and dramaturgy, especially related to staging identity through language and accents.  

She works with artists and theaters on script development and staging possibilities for classical and early modern plays and adaptations, intercultural, ethnic, bilingual and semi-bilingual theatre. 

Program Notes

Twelfth Night
Measure for Measure
Life is a Dream
West Side Story

Twelfth Night

St. Louis Shakespeare Festival

Measure for Measure

Chicago Shakespeare Theater

Life is a Dream by María Irene Fornés

Baltimore Center Stage

West Side Story

Lyric Opera of Chicago

Lectures, Interviews, and Panels

"Shakespeare's Heroines," Shakespeare Hour Live!, Shakespeare Theatre Company

"The Gunpowder Plot," Victory Gardens Theater

"Bilingual Classical Theater," Classic Stage Company

"West Side Story," Shakespeare Hour Live!, Shakespeare Theatre Company

"Introduction to Measure for Measure," The Show Must Go On(Line)

"Staging Antony and Cleopatra," Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles

Moderator, “Honor and Amplify: An Intercultural Conversation on Legacy, Identity, and Expanding the American Theatre Canon,” SolFest2021, The Sol Project

"Shakespeare and Chill: West Side Story," St. Louis Shakespeare Festival

"Sense and Sensibility," Pre-Amble lecture, Chicago Shakespeare Theater

"Evita," Shakespeare Hour Live! Shakespeare Theatre Company

"King Lear," Pre-Amble lecture, Chicago Shakespeare Theater

"Dig Deeper: Equivocation," Victory Gardens Theater

"The Merchant of Venice: Gender and Sexuality," Shakespeare Hour Live!, Shakespeare Theatre Company

"The Influence of the Crown," Victory Gardens Theater

"Kiss Me, Kate: Power Dynamics in The Taming of the Shrew," Folger Theatre

"Shakespeare and Stereotypes," Folger Theatre

"Staging Subversive Gender in Twelfth Night," Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles

"Humor in Macbeth," Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles

"Post-Show Talk Back, Marqués," University of California, Santa Cruz

Victory Gardens Theater
Shakespeare Center Los Angeles
Victory Gardens Theater; Equivocation
Latina Shakespeare
Shakespeare Center Los Angeles


Corral de Comedias de Alcalá de Henares

The Courage To Right A Woman's Wrongs 

by Ana Caro

As part of UCLA's working group devoted to translating Spanish Golden Age comedias, she collaborated on the translation of this play.

Winner of the 2022 Franklin Smith Comedia Translation Prize from the Association for Hispanic Classical Theater

The full translation is available online here.

The 2020 production at Red Bull Theater is available online here.

The Cardenio Project 

by Jesús Eguía Armenteros

Lead translator for the Spanish commission of Stephen Greenblatt's Cardenio project, first performed in Madrid in 2008.


The full translation is available online here.

A video clip can be found here.

Corral de Comedias Almagro

A Scholar for the Theatre

Theatre Scholarship and Development

2024: "Casting for Dubbing," Netflix

2021: “The Casting Conversation,” Antaeus Theatre Company

2019: Academic Advisor, Public Humanities Initiative, Workshop, Director Saheem Ali, The Public Theater

2018: Translation Collaborator, The Comedia in Translation & Performance Working Group, Diversifying the Classics, UCLA

2017: Scholar in Residence, Encuentro de las Américas, Los Angeles Theatre Center

2016: Facilitator and Speaker, Post-Show Talk Back, Romeo and Juliet, School of Dramatic Arts, USC

2015: Dramaturg, The Wild Duck, Director Tony Adams, Halcyon Theater, Chicago

2014-15: Pre-Amble Speaker, Chicago Shakespeare Theater

2012: Scholar for the Theater, Bill Cain’s Equivocation, Victory Gardens Theater

2011: Dramaturg, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Director Mary Poole, Northwestern

2011: Dramaturg, Peribañez, Director Henry Godinez, Northwestern


Theatre Collaboration

2023: Head Scholar/Documentarian, Designer & Director Colaboratorio, Latinx Theatre Commons, Portland

2018: Organizing Committee, María Irene Fornés Symposium, Latinx Theatre Commons, Princeton

2017: Member, Latino Theater Alliance/LA (LTA/LA), Los Angeles

2016: Roundtable Member, “Pushing Buttons, Pushing Boundaries: Contemporary Latina/o Theater and Performance  Scholarship Methods/Practices—A Long Table Discussion,” Latino Studies Association (LSA), Pasadena

2016: Invited Participant, “Re-Writing Shakespeare Aquí,” The Betsy Escribe Aquí Festival Charlas/Chats, Miami

2015: Participant, Latino Playwrights’ Project, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland

2015: Participant, Scholars’ Pod, Latino Theatre Commons, Carnaval, Chicago

2014: Member, Visibility/Artistic Working Group, Alliance for Latino Theatre Artists, Chicago

2014: Invited Participant, Roundtable Conference on the production of Spanish Golden Age theatre, Fundación de Siglo de Oro/REKATá, Madrid

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